Modern Society

:: musings

Modern society is baffling.

On occasion, we gather in small groups to pay upwards of $18 each to go sit in a room and stare at a wall for about 2 hours. The average American spends some number of hours a day sitting in a designated room in their home, starring at a plastic box (although recently they’ve become much more rectangular). Many of us gather in homes and designated places in our cities and ingest small (or something large) amount of variously flavored poison (derived from rotten fruit).

One might think such behavior is limited to the insane among us, but rest assured, this is the norm. But beyond these confusing pass time behaviors, even our everyday routines are questionable. Let me give you an example by going through my morning routine. After waking up, I stand under some hot water in which a deadly chemical has been dissolved, while subbing caustic compounds over my skin. I get out and run several spinning razor blades across my face, before rubbing some highly flammable liquid on it. After starting a small fire in my kitchen, and maybe irradiating some water, I get in a large steel object on wheels, which contains a compartment which explodes are regular intervals, and am hurled at blinding speeds toward campus.

As baffling and seemingly dangerous as our society is, it’s pretty amazing. I regularly have a device on my person which is smaller than my hand. With it, I talk to almost anyone in the world, from almost anywhere in the world. Everyday I sit down at my desk and press some buttons, allowing me access to just about any information in the world that I could want. I can play games, talk to people, read books, all at the same time. If I want to go half way across the world, all I need to do is go sit in a large tin can for a couple hours, perhaps while taking a nap in the clouds, and I shall be there.

Modern society is the future.