Modding Minecraft

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I like minecraft, a lot, on occassion. But it needs a few tweaks for me to really get into it. I’m going to document them now:

First, you need mcpatcher, so we can use HD texture packs and install mods. Get it here:

I’m using linux, so I need the .jar file. You can run it via

java -jar ./mcpatch-2.4.1_02.jar

This should pop up a handy GUI. More on that in a minute.

Next, we need the appropriate mods:

So now that you have all the appropriate mods downloaded, launch mcpatcher. And add a bunch of mods (Mods -> Add in the menu). Also point it at your minecraft.jar. Should be located in ~/.minecraft/bin/.

Now, ensure only the following mods are checked, and ensure they appear in this order. If they don’t, use the arrows at the bottom of the GUI to rearrange them:

  1. AutoSwitchMod

  2. ModLoader

  3. OptiFine

  4. Custom Colors

  5. Random Mobs

  6. Connected Textures

  7. Better Skies

Then click patch. mcpatcher will probably complain, but just click yes.

Lastly, we need a good texture pack. I like this one:, 128 bit. Much higher and Minecraft doesn’t seem to handle itself very well. Download it and save the .zip to ~/.minecraft/texturepacks. You should be able to select it from the in-game menu.