I don’t know what I want this page to be yet. For the moment, it’s a couple lists.

Projects and Contributions

A listing of various projects, past and present, that I work on or contribute to in some small way.

  • Cur (GitHub) A proof assistant designed to support safe, convenient, and sophisticated user extension.

  • CIC Redex (GitHub) A model of the Calculus of Inductive Constructions (CIC) in Redex.

  • Racket A programming-language programming language.

  • (GitHub) A commandline script that is meant to be a drop-in replacement for rm (via alias that instead renames your files in-place, or moves them to a recycling bin, or both, so you never accidentally delete a file.

  • s3ql-rotating-snapshots (GitHub) A script that uses s3ql and unison to perform rotating, encrypted, compressed, deduplicated, distributed backups.

  • AUR Packages Packages I maintain for the Arch Linux User Repository.

Unmaintained Projects and Contributions

  • cunittest (GitHub) A library that provides decorated unittest classes that allow each test case in a test-suite to be run concurrently, without mangling output to the console. I haven’t been maintaining this as I don’t write Python much anymore.

  • Scheme Site Template (GitHub) A small, rough, website templating system, in Chez Scheme. I switched to Frog, for lot of reasons.

  • cpanel-ddns (GitHub) A script (one in cgi-scheme and one in perl) to update the ZoneEdit record via CPanel. I use this as a make-shift DDNS server. I moved away from shared hosting that uses CPanel, so I don’t need this anymore.

  • SlackBuilds Packages for the Slackware user repository. I moved to Arch, and no longer maintain these scripts.

  • FlexGet A multipurpose automation and organizational tool for content such as torrents, podcasts, comics, movies, etc. Basically, any kind of thing you’d like to subscribe to or download on a regular basis. I haven’t been contributing regularly as the features I wanted are now working fine.