Using Evil for Good

:: linux, tricks

So I use Vim as my primary editor. Unfortunately, some applications I require (e.g. Proof General) run only on the Emacs operation system, which comes with a terrible editor. Thankfully, I’ve found a pretty decent port of Vim to Emacs, called (appropriately) Evil.

Command line trash/recycle script

:: linux, tricks

A while back, I got really sick of sometimes accidentally rm-ing a file. I thought “Woe is me, if only I had a command that, instead, hid the file away from me, in a place I knew of but didn’t really thing about, so I could recover it if I wanted it.”.

Version controlled configs

:: linux, tricks

Disclaimer: I typed this is a hurry and haven’t proof-read it, or tried running any of the code (except the script at the end).

So a while ago I decided to use git to track all my dot-files and other assorted configuration stuff that each of my linux systems need. I’m going to try to outline how I did this:

I accidently the NY Times pay-wall

:: random

A friend posted a link to a NY Times article the other day, and I stumbled upon a way to get behind their pay-wall. I thought I’d share:

  1. Install NoScript.

  2. Go to NY Times and leave everything blocked.

  3. Click Today’s Paper

  4. Open a arbitrary article.

Now it seems you can click through any NY Times link, as I was able to click through the posted link.

Hello World!

:: random

(define hello-world
      (lambda ()
        (display "Hello, World!")))